December's Secret Roaster: Jumping Bean Coffee Co

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We could not be happier to reveal December’s secret roaster from the far east of our lovely country. Residing in St. John’s Newfoundland, we present to you Jumping Bean, a true East Coast gem which has developed a quasi “cult” following.
Jumping Bean Coffee is an independent premium coffee roaster whose founding pillars focus on establishing outstanding quality and taste while maintaining a focus on ecological and social responsibility. One thing that really caught our interest in Jumping Bean is that they are the only roaster we have come across to date that has implemented a unique and innovative roasting technique, ECO2Roast®, which eliminates 85% of waste and saves a pound of carbon per pound of beans roasted. They have prized themselves on being an integral part of their community and have also ventured into alternative and renewable coffee supply systems, leading the way in Canada. Further, Jumping Bean Coffee is a certified Fair Trade supplier and all their blends are certified organic.
As for the roast, Jumping Bean espresso elicits a strong aromatic smell with hints of dark chocolate and nuts, a creamy body, perfectly balanced acid profile and a velvet mouth feel which projects rich caramel and milk chocolate undertones. The roast is fair trade organic and is comprised of beans originating from Brazil and Ethiopia. 
We look forward to revealing a New Year worth of secrets.
Secret Sip Coffee Club - Jumping Bean Coffee Co
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