Frequently Asked Questions

The most important question: How do you select your coffee?

We continuously evaluate exclusive premium micro-roasters from different States across America for a variety of factors including the aroma, body, acidity, finish, complexity, and unique tasting notes. We work with roasters to explore their potential offering to deliver you the ultimate experience. Our meticulous pursuit stems from our belief in exceptional quality and desire to provide the exclusive coffee experience. Our goal is to avoid the mainstream, larger batch, entrenched roasters, in order to provide the most delicious and unique coffees available. We take pleasure in sifting through the masses to discover the smaller artisan roaster with an incredible story, and we give them the spotlight.


What if I want more coffee per month?

We would be happy to work something out. Email us and we will talk about your needs.


Do you ship internationally?

We have offices in Canada and the United States. If you want to join Secret Sip in your country, email us and we can discuss shipping.


When will I receive my coffee?

We mail out during the first week of every month, which in most places in, would arrive that same week! We accept orders for the upcoming month's shipment until 1 to 3 days before months end depending on the layout of weekends. This is an effort to ensure freshness for every delivery.


I have more questions and I want to contact you.

Drop us a line anytime and we'll get back to you as fast as we can!