July's Secret Roaster

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In our search of Canada’s best coffee, Secret Sip Coffee Club identified a beautiful Secret Single Origin which just needed to be shared! Fortunately, the timing of this month’s roast which has been curated by an inspiring roaster based in Charlottetown, PEI worked well with the larger celebration occurring around Canada this July. We thought we would jump on the Canada 150 train and thus partnered with a roaster who indubitably has a peculiar proximity to the location of Canada’s Confederation. It is with great pleasure that we present Receiver Coffee Roasters.
Details on the Roaster Selected:
Receiver was born after several years of Christopher Francis and Sean Bruinooge working as baristas and coffee roasters at a local PEI coffee shop. 
 "After several successful years that company changed hands and we decided to break away on our own and try something different! We had a small coffee pocket on Victoria Row called Row 142. It was there that we roasted and served our coffee to anyone who cared to sit in one of our three chairs or want to get a nice lean on our Kees Van Der Westen Spirit (you know who y’all are).” 
 It wasn’t only great coffee either. Both Chris and Sean had spent a lot of time in kitchens around Charlottetown. 
 "After a lot of thought we then decided to introduce something to the culinary scene in Charlottetown that had yet to be done: Authentic, stone oven, New York Style pizza. Test after test, pie after pie they nailed down a product they were proud to call their own. We also began baking in-house and word got out about the great coffee, killer cookies, and Za’ coming out of the shop. Soon, we started getting requests for more seats and more space… the problem was, there just wasn't room. So, we got to searching the streets for a larger location. As if it were fate, our favourite space in the city had become an option and we bit the bullet."
 In spring of 2013 the boys made the move and Receiver Coffee Co was born. The company was named Receiver after Chris’s father. He had worked for the island telephone company and when Chris was young they used to tinker with old rotary phones. When roasting coffee, they were reminded of this hands-on approach and it felt right to draw from its influence. Receiver Coffee Company was born that summer, driven by hard work, and taking a hands-on approach to making create coffee and food for people with a humble hospitable approach.
Details on the Single Origin Selected:
Guatemala, Finca La Providencia produced by the Anzueto family in the region of San Pedro Necta boasts varietals of Caturra and Catuai, is full washed with a decadent chocolate center, viscous honey mouth feel, and soft floral element. Given the dryness of the bean, we have obtained best results from a finer grind.
We hope you love this month's secret roast as much as we do.
 Secret Sip Coffee Club is Canada's Best Coffee Club
Secret Sip Coffee Club is ecstatic to have partnered with Receiver Coffee Co. to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, some of Canada’s best coffee. To learn more about Receiver Coffee Co., check out their Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/receivercoffee/?hl=en.