2017 - October's Secret Roaster: Firebat


Secret Sip Coffee Club is beyond pleased to bring our members a phenomenal single origin coffee from one of the most distinctly branded micro-roasters across Canada. Hatched out of pure passion for coffee as well as a direct connection with the source of production, we could not be more pumped to present Firebat Coffee as October’s secret roaster, roasting out of Oakville, Ontario.
From aviation industry executive to micro-roasted coffee artisan, the owner of Firebat Coffee, Gustavo, has always had an affinity to the highest level of coffee quality possible. His personal pursuit of high-quality coffees had him continually importing 5 lbs bags of green coffee for roasting and drinking at home, given the paradoxical difficulty of getting export quality coffees from his homeland, El Salvador, from the local markets. In a brief interview, Gustavo’s passion was unmistakable. “I got into the industry by a the sum of many forces, ultimately I fell in love with the complexity of great coffees, and with the people behind them, that is why we always voice out the importance of the people, and of honest and direct commerce. I believe Firebat really summarizes forces like activism, the ideals of a new economy and bringing mindfulness to a product that has been treated as a commodity.”
Gustavo’s partner Rodrigo has had an illustrious coffee career both in production and in academics, serving as Director of the Coffee School at the Salvadorian Coffee Council, amongst a plethora of other experiences. In fact, the magical bond between the founders was actually forged at a mutual school event attended by their children. Gustavo had a bag of coffee intended for his child’s teacher, and while waiting in line, Rodrigo detected the aroma. The rest was history.
Firebat’s outstanding coffee is sourced from high altitude shade-grown farms, and the team partner’s directly with the farmers, paying them well above fair trade prices. The Firebat philosophy or vision is to improve the livelihood of artisan farmers, protecting the land that makes all of this possible, while delighting the palates of consumers.
This month’s secret was one of Firebat’s delicious single origin roasts call Finca Calera. This medium roast is of the Pacas varietal (from Bourbon), is washed and produced by the Valiente Brothers (Cup of Excellence winners) in the Alotepec Metapan region of El Salvador grown on a 100 hectare farm 1600 meters above sea level. The exquisite taste of this roast offers up a multitude of flavours and a well balanced acid profile. Undeniable notes of milk chocolate, caramel, subtle stone fruit and a rich yet clean sugar cane finish compliment both espresso pulls and pour over’s.
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Secret Sip Coffee Club is thrilled to have partnered with Firebat Coffee to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, one of Canada’s best coffees. To learn more about Firebat Coffee, check out their website at https://firebatcoffee.com/.