September's Secret Roaster: Java Blend


Secret Sip Coffee Club - September Shipment - Java Blend


For the release of our September shipment, we have selected a dynamic independent roaster located in the “hip” North end of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was approximately four years ago that we stumbled upon Java Blend during one of several visits to the East Coast. The passion and joy exhibited by all of the team at Java Blend perpetuated a seemingly stereotypical vibe common across various cities in Nova Scotia.

 During our visit, we took a personal tour of the roasting facility with the head roaster. The smell the green pits from the coffee cherries being transformed into what we have come to cherish every morning was intoxicating. We were extremely impressed with the operation and more so with the company’s orientation towards sustainability and unparalleled effort to source from the finest small coffee farmers across the globe.

This unique micro roaster’s commitment to quality was evident in all of their product offerings but stood out in what Secret Sip is proud to present as this month’s offering – Java Blend’s “K2 Espresso”.
The K2 is Java Blend’s signature espresso, a medium roast that embodies a delicate balance of cocoa, sweet citrus and caramel. The roaster indicates that the body is “creamy and honey based with a fine acidity in the finish”. The origins that comprise K2 are selected for their unique contributions to the aroma, body, sweetness, and aftertaste, and vary from time to time in an effort to use only coffees that are in season and at the peak of freshness. This unique blend leverages equal parts Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan beans to elicit its taste.
Secret Sip Coffee Club's September Roaster - Java Blend -
For more information on the roaster which was establish in 1938, please see their website at