June's Secret Roaster

Secret Sip Coffee Club - Canada's Best Coffee
In search of Canada’s best coffee, Secret Sip Coffee Club is kicking off the summer in hipster fashion. To explain, we identified a fantastic and dedicated small-batch specialty coffee roaster located in Wakefield, Quebec. Bluebarn Coffee Roasters derives its unique name from the idyllic blue barn the company’s founders built to serve as its fully-equipped roaster! The space looks absolutely phenomenal (see below), and the team at Bluebarn are even more exceptional!
The company’s goal is simple: to make great coffee and to be proud of the way they do it. They are deeply invested in every step of the journey their coffee makes, from farm to barn, and beyond. Bluebarn works side by side with those who care as much as they do about offering an elevated coffee experience, from the farmers who grow the beans, to the baristas who pull the shots. Their desire to push the envelope is what drives the team, striving to be at the forefront of the specialty coffee industry, working with their partners in the field to reshape and refine the idea of great coffee. The team at Bluebarn continuously seeks out new coffees from around the world, delving with fervour into the science behind roasting, and exploring what exactly makes a certain region or varietal so special, and making it shine.
Ethical sourcing of their green coffee, primarily through a Direct Trade model, is critical to the team. Direct Trade means that the team is building long-term relationships with green coffee producers by getting to know the farmers, visiting the farms, and coming to a mutual understanding of the values and ethics that are central to their respective businesses, in order to forge partnerships that are built on trust. Bluebarn takes great care to partner with growers who prioritize community building as well as sustainable and ethical farming practices.
This month’s offering was an incredible three bean blend espresso, which we were informed, changes with the seasons. It is made up of nearly equal parts Brazil, Kenya, and Guatemala coffees. The mouth feel is a decadent/smooth velvet cream contrasted with a lovely yet subtle herbaceous and chocolate aroma, which is well balanced with a rich fruity and floral centre, and a finish of caramel. Each component is roasted separately to bring out its unique characteristics before being blended.
 Secret Sip Coffee Club - Canada's Best Coffee
Secret Sip Coffee Club is ecstatic to have partnered with Bluebarn Coffee Roasters to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, some of Canada’s best coffee. To learn more about Bluebarn Coffee Roasters, check out their website at https://www.bluebarncoffee.com/.