November's Secret Roaster: Cherry Hill Coffee

Secret Sip Coffee Club - November's Secret Roaster - Cherry Hill Coffee
For November’s issue, we reached out to a lovely micro-roaster located in Kelowna, BC, the heart of the Okanagan Valley. After several hours of passion driven discussion with their team, we decided to sample their product offering. We could not have been happier with our choice.
Cherry Hill Coffee has an operation of 11 coffee fanatics, a beautiful cafe inside their roasting plant and pays an extreme attention to detail on all the coffee they source. We were beyond impressed in our discussions with their team and their appreciation for socially responsible sourcing and orientation towards their organic certification.
In the description of the secret roast we chose, “Espresso Milano”, the roaster identifies distinct differences typical across Italian espresso’s:
“Cherry Hill Coffee runs on espresso. It’s the passion that keeps us going. As one travels from Southern Italy to the North the roasts progressively lighten up. Modeled on traditional Italian espressos we offer a selection of hand-crafted blends beginning with a light roasted “northern” style espresso through to a “southern” style darker roast espresso.”
The Espresso Milano’s light roast elicits a creamy caramel profile with a lasting nutty almond finish. Due to the nature of the Milano blend being comprised of beans from rare and coveted regions, we have been sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the blends composition. Nonetheless, the viscous streams of tiger stripped espresso pouring from every shot are a testament to the freshness, quality, and meticulous craftsmanship going into this roast.
“Our promise to all customers is providing the freshest roast possible. It’s all about quality. We roast, package, and ship our coffee within 24 hours! There are no pre-packaged, shelved coffee beans here – and best before dates are a sin. We roast in small batches; this allows our roast master to put his own personal touch on every varietal of bean, at every roast.”
Cherry Hill Coffee has been perfecting its craft for over 25 years and we believe this is undeniably evident in this month’s secret roast!
Secret Sip Coffee Club - November's Secret Roaster - Cherry Hill Coffee
For more information on this month’s secret roaster, please see their website at Photo credit – Coffee enthusiast and proud customer of Cherry Hill - Mick Essex.