September's Secret Roaster (2017)

Secret Sip Coffee Club - Canada's Best Coffee

Secret Sip Coffee Club is pleased to bring our members, from the frigid north our great country, a truly remarkable roaster. Entrenched in the fringes of the arctic tundra, Bean North Coffee Roasting Company has been roasting certified organic fair trade coffee for over 20 years in the northern boreal forest of the beautiful Takhini Valley, northwest of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

A proud owner-member of Cooperative Coffees, the team believes that the farmers who grow the coffee we all drink deserve a high quality of life and a healthy environment to live and work in. Bean North has continuously been building long-term working relationships with producer groups and paying a fair price. That ensures higher quality coffee and allows farmers and their communities to achieve some of their dreams.

“We continue to be inspired by the people who grow and care for the coffee we buy, by our coop that facilitates its transport north, by those who roast and brew a magic blend and by customers who love our coffee and support what we do.

North to South, Fair Trade is about relationships, people, family, birds, and communities. By choosing to drink certified fair trade coffee you are part of a powerful medium supporting positive social and environmental action."

The roast selected for this month’s secret is Bean North’s Bird lover espresso. This certified organic Fair Trade espresso blend exhibits a clean body with bright chocolate and natural spice highlights throughout the flavour profile. Pulled as an espresso, we have identified an aroma of caramel.

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Secret Sip Coffee Club is ecstatic to have partnered with Bean North Coffee Roasting Company to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, one of Canada’s best coffees. To learn more about Bean North Coffee Roasting Company, check out their website at